MagiCare KN95 4-Ply Protective Face Masks (20 PCS/Box)

Superior 4-Ply Materials
≥95% of Filtration Efficiency
Protection against duct, pollen and liquid spatter
Designed to be better fitting for all face shapes
Adjustable nose bridge securely keeps the mask from shifting during movement
Applications: daily use for work and travel. Not suitable for toxic environments
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MagiCare Ear Loop Disposable Face Masks

3 Ply non-woven fabric for excellent protection against large droplets, splashed
High Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, filters out dust, bacteria, smoke & pollen
Softer Latex-Free Elastic Ear Loop, less pressure for long time wearing
100% Fiberglass Free, soft, odorless & non-irritating, suitable for even sensitive skin types.
Adjustable nose clip fit seamlessly with all kinds of face shape
Breathable materials, easy for inhale and exhale without contamination
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MagiCare Plastic Protective Glasses

Designed for lowering risk of exposure to dirt, debris, and liquid splash.
Anti-fog treatment on inside and outside
Equipped with a foam band and elastic headband for pressure releasing
Offer total eye protection with excellent optical clarity and peripheral vision
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MagiCare Protective Face Shield

Designed to lower risk of exposure to dirt, debris and liquid splatter
Anti-fog treatment; inside and outside of shield
Equipped with foam band and elastic headband for comfort
Offers total face protection with excellent optical clarity and peripheral vision
Can be worn with glasses or goggles
Visor Thckness: 0.015 in
Visor Size: 13.0 x 8.7 in
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Magicare 75% Alcohol Wet Wipes

Skin-friendly non-woven fabric: skin-friendly and soft
Can wipe keyboards, mobile phones, office supplies, carry-on items, tableware, children’s toys, car steering wheel,Seat etc.
Small and convenient to carry,Applicable scene: tourism, hotel, restaurant, home, office, car.
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SCOTT Half Facepiece Reusable Cover Face Masks

New low-profile cartridge allows the increased field of vision, even for close up detail work
Latex-free elastomer and silicone blend is soft, non-allergenic and snug-fitting for reliable protection
Advanced silicone material for increased comfort and greater durability
Convenience packs combine the most commonly used gas and vapor cartridges and/or particulate filters
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